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Why is an AMC important for your water system?

Industrial purifier units are highly efficient and productive machines that are operated round the clock to manufacture pure water. Sometimes, these machines are operated under immense pressure and need to meet very sensitive deadlines.

Like any other machine, water purification plants also undergo wear and tear from normal operations. Since these plants are used to produce pure water to be used in manufacturing products, their health needs to be continuously monitored and maintenance ought to be carried out whenever necessary.

A yearly maintenance contract for your industrial water treatment system is known as an AMC or an Annual Maintenance Contract. An AMC is an agreement between the manufacturer and the owner of the plant specifying the terms and conditions of the regular service and maintenance of the plant.

It is very important to have an AMC for your industrial water purification plant as it ensures that regular maintenance is carried out and the plant keeps working as expected.

Below we outline the major benefits of having an AMC with your water treatment plant manufacturer.

1.Pharmaceutical product manufacturing operates on very tight deadlines and needs consistent production of pure water for its operation. An AMC ensures that your pure water plant works round the clock and you get maximum productivity out of them; never missing a deadline due to breakdowns and inefficiencies in the system.

2. Reduces system break-downs and costs - Unexpected situations are a part of any industrial process. Especially when numerous systems are working in tandem with each other, the chances of the entire system being brought to a stop due to one process malfunctioning are high. In short, operational break downs are not unfamiliar territory for any manufacturer. The key lies in being prepared for it beforehand and not reacting to the issue when it occurs. An AMC performs constant monitoring and process correction thus you are relieved of the constant worries of your plant breaking down and disrupting production.

3. Maximize equipment life - Every equipment has a life expectancy. Proper and timely maintenance significantly increases the expected operational life of any machine. A pharmaceutical manufacturer invests significant capital in a pure water unit. Such a capital expenditure is a one-time asset-building investment and utmost care needs to be taken to preserve and lengthen the life of the plant. An AMC service provider routinely checks your plant for any operational inefficiency and acts to eliminate them immediately. Such preventive measures improve the life expectancy of any machine.

4. Maintain product quality - Preserving the integrity of the water systems is a basic need of any pharmaceutical production process. This can be done by regular maintenance of the water purification systems, storage and distribution systems. It ensures that the quality of pure water produced from the plant complies with the various national and international standards.

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