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Compressed Air Piping

Compressed Air Piping

The basics of compressed air pipework are simple. You just need to attach a compressor to an end-use device via a pipe. However, no matter how easy it looks in the brochure, when you try to apply this to your workshop, you can find it gets a bit more complicated.

Many end-use devices of compressed air require isolation and ventilation.

For example, a paint-spraying station needs its own booth, with heavy air filtering. Given these requirements, you’re going to have to place the station near an outside wall. If you’ve got a curing machine, you’re going to need to cool it and will have to place it near an outside wall as well. With many of your devices requiring an outside wall, you’ll find you have long distances you must travel to get compressed air to all of your end-use equipment. Unless your property is donut-shaped, this can be a challenge.


Heracles also provides complete systematic Utility Piping Solution and Advance Energy Solutions for compressed air, right from Piping Design to Installation by using Energy Saving products/solutions, Heracles is also engaged in Energy Management Services & Products.
It undertakes inspection of Plant installations to determine the extent & scope of leakages and inefficiencies related to compressed air piping and installations.,

Heracles have more than 20 Applications Engineers in Design Team to support all utility challenges. The systematic Piping Solutions will help:

  • Reduced Pressure Drop and Improved Air Flow
  • Increased Versatilit
  • Premium Air Quality ‐ ISO 8573 Certified
  • Lower Installation Costs
  • Energy Efficient Piping System
  • Eco-Friendly Product Design
  • Reduced Safety Risks